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Meet the Artist

Hi! I'm Monjia, a passionate artist, adventurer, and believer in the healing power of art. With years of experience in the art world, I've created a space where individuals can come together to explore their creativity and find solace in the process.


As an artist, I specialize in using art as a form of therapy, helping people tap into their emotions, express themselves, and find healing through the strokes of a paintbrush. My paint sessions are both fun and therapeutic, providing a safe and nurturing environment for individuals to explore their artistic talents and connect with their inner selves.


My travels have given me inspiration from diverse cultures and landscapes, which I incorporate into my art in unique and meaningful ways. My art reflects my personal journey of self-healing, and I enjoy sharing my creations and stories with others through my blog, art store, and art inspiration page.


As a healing artist, I offer services that promote holistic well-being and balance in the body's energy systems. My approach incorporates practices such as mindfulness and meditation to support individuals in their journey towards vibrant health and happiness. By combining my knowledge of the healing energy arts with my passion for art, I offer a unique approach to self-love that nourishes both the body and soul.


Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, I invite you to explore your self-expression and find solace in the process. Join me in celebrating the beauty of art and adventure at the HeART + House, where art and healing come together.


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