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Illuminating Love and Freedom: Year-End Reflections Through Art

During an introspective period, I find myself reflecting on personal growth, transformation, and the inspiration behind my latest painting (see below and the link to the art store). On my quest for illuminating love and freedom, I turned to the pillars of Ifa and the timeless Adinkra symbols to guide my artistic expression. 

At the heart of Ifa lies the concept of elevating personal and collective consciousness. Through connecting the physical and spiritual realms and adhering to the principles of gentle character (Iwa Pele), wisdom (Ogbon), and justice (Idajo), you navigate a path towards enlightenment and harmony. The vibrant hues on my canvas each carry symbolic weight and a unique facet of our collective existence - red embodies cultural consciousness and the life force within our blood, black signifies the origin of life and the strength of the collective, green represents the perpetual cycle of growth and nature, and yellow, a beacon for justice, power, and freedom. Intricately woven into the composition are Adinkra symbols, each telling a story of wisdom, justice, and harmony.

Iwa Pele

From the 'The Heart' (Akoma) to the 'Spider's Web' (Ananse Ntontan) representing wisdom and creativity, and 'Truth' (Nokore) inspiring truthfulness - every stroke holds intention. The cultural landscapes of Nigeria and Ghana, the birthplaces of Ifa and Adinkra symbols, have not only shaped my art but also fostered a deeper connection to the natural world - explore more by delving into the photo albums of my travels to Nigeria and Ghana

As we approach the new year, let us be reminded that personal development is not about rigid rules nor resolutions but an activation of intellect, wisdom, and knowledge to make choices benefiting ourselves, loved ones, nature, and the world. It involves a journey of identifying thoughts, words, behaviors, and actions that contribute to the well-being of all in both the short and long term.

Step into the coming year with intention and purpose!

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